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Picking The Right Contractor

Criteria For Deciding Who You Want to Work With (And Who You Don’t) One of the most frustrating aspects of a building project from the owner’s perspective is being let down by the performance of the General Contractor. There are infinite pitfalls that can throw a project into disarray, but let’s take a moment here

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Many thanks to Dr. Judson Powers and his staff at Rocky Creek Veterinary Hospital in Greer, SC for a wonderful interior renovation project. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working here over the course of the last year and have come to know some great new people and also a lot of four-legged furry people, too! Dr. Powers and his staff

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Three Questions Owners Should Ask About Their Projects

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin   During the early 90’s I was in high school and looking for a summer job. I was bored of working at the local clothing retail store because I wanted to do something “better” and not push apparel promotions on middle school kids. I dialed up the internet and found a marketing

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